Tips for planning your stay in Saint-Tropez

9 Mar 2023 | Home & Living

If you plan to spend your vacations in Saint-Tropez during the summer, it is important to know all the little secrets that will allow you to enjoy your stay in the best conditions.

Reservation of an accommodation

The period from July to August is marked by an exceptional increase in the number of reservations for apartments and houses in Saint-Tropez. Some areas of the city are even completely reserved a year in advance. It is therefore crucial to plan well in advance the date of your departure in order to have a choice and to be able to select a property capable of fulfilling all your desires, over this particular period. You will avoid uncomfortable or poorly located accommodations. Villas Prestiges et Services offers a wide range of villas available throughout the year. Each villa offers all the necessary comforts and services for a pleasant stay in Saint-Tropez.

The activities

The reputation of Saint-Tropez has been built over the years because of its sublime sandy beaches and its ideal location in the heart of the French Riviera. But you can find many other activities that will satisfy the tastes and desires of everyone. Culturally, Saint-Tropez has several sites full of history such as the sublime Château de la Moutte or the city’s citadel. The city is not to be outdone by shopping enthusiasts, with many craftsmen offering their local creations, as well as stores selling the best brands in the luxury industry. Sports enthusiasts will find various sports fields and clubs dedicated to sports and nautical activities on the Mediterranean.

Getting to and around Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez has a large number of connections with the outside world: the bus and train station allows you to reach the city by public transport, the Gulf Saint-Tropez airport is available for people coming from further away, and it is even possible to arrive via one of the many marinas. It is of course possible to take the freeway via the A7 and A8, although there are many traffic jams on the way in and out. Once you arrive, we recommend renting a manual or electric bicycle to avoid traffic problems.

The treasures of Saint-Tropez

The most popular sites in Saint-Tropez attract a lot of tourists. Take advantage of the off-peak hours, especially in the early morning, to have easier and more peaceful access to the most popular activities, such as a swim on Pampelonne beach. Saint-Tropez also has many exceptional sites that are not as popular. Don’t hesitate to be curious, you won’t regret it! If your schedule allows it, you can also organize your stay during the spring period. The city is much quieter there, and you should be able to enjoy all the attractions you want without waiting too long.

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