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Discover some of our luxury villa rentals for exceptional stays in Saint-Tropez.
Each of these properties offer high standard hotel services, embodying French refinement and the art of hospitality.

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La Belle

7 bedrooms


Happy House

8 bedrooms


The house

9 bedrooms


Luxury Ethnic Home

9 bedrooms

Villas in Saint-Tropez of 7 rooms and more

Would you like to invite your extended family, relatives or friends for the ideal vacation, where the sun always shines and the dream never seems to end? On Villas Prestige & Services, discover the most beautiful villas for rent in Saint-Tropez selected by our care to spend the best vacations. You will be able to relax, explore enchanting sceneries or discover paths that will take you to the four corners of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Only a few clicks separate you from the rental of a villa in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms or more.

Renting a villa in Saint-Tropez for 7 people or more for the perfect vacation

Our villas in Saint-Tropez of 7 rooms and more are perfect for accommodating larger groups, so everyone can get their own room. You can easily invite a minimum of 6 people, and more depending on the number of rooms and people who can sleep together to enjoy the ambiance of the Mediterranean Sea.
You will be able to enjoy days of activities together, between lazing around, sports and cultural activities! This will be an opportunity for you to strengthen your ties with your loved ones through different activities, alternating to please everyone the beach and the sea, walks in the region and the discovery of the city that has kept its traditional side. In Saint-Tropez, there is no lack of activities!

A personalized vacation for everyone

At Villas Prestige & Services, each of our properties offers high standard hotel services, embodying the refinement and art of French hospitality. We take it very seriously to offer you the best possible stay, and that is why we let you choose among different villas to best meet your requirements. Below, you can discover the different villas in Saint-Tropez with 7 bedrooms and more that you could live in for a dream stay in the Saint-Tropez peninsula. La Belle, Happy House or The House are waiting for you for a vacation in the sun, with your feet in the water.
Moreover, if you want to know more about each of them, it is easy! Just click on any of our villas to get more information about it, such as a detailed listing of additional services offered or the list of rooms that make up the house.
So, do not hesitate any longer! You can now start booking a villa in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms and more, and get ready for your dream vacation!

Saint-Tropez, a city of sun and history

It has been a long time since the reputation of Saint-Tropez has crossed the borders of France. In the end of the 19th century, the city has become the reference for vacations in the French countryside, partly thanks to the films that have been shot there since the early 1930s. The town has grown, year after year, giving itself more and more good reasons to attract curious tourists as well as people who want to enjoy a quiet vacation, far from the daily stress and alienating routine.
The result is an atypical village that you can visit from our villas in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms or more, before heading to the seaside to enjoy long days of lounging.

With Villas Prestige & Services, you are accompanied throughout your stay

Renting a villa in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms or more also means that you will be accompanied throughout your stay. From the moment you book your villa until your departure, we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the best possible vacation. All you have to do is contact us at the time you want, by email or by phone, and tell us the source of your concern so that we can take care of everything. To accommodate you, our employees talk French, English and Spanish, you will just have to ask for the language you find the most appropriate for you. This is why we speak of the quality of Villas Prestige & Services!

Book your villa in Saint-Tropez today on Villas Prestige & Services

Consult today the list of our villas in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms and more, and book the one you want the most. To do this, nothing could be easier, just contact us by phone at 04 94 97 30 78, or by email at info@villa-prestige-service.com. We will immediately start the reservation procedure.
Finally, if you change your mind and are no longer looking for a villa in Saint-Tropez with 7 rooms or more, you can adapt the number of rooms to accommodate fewer people and thus refocus on those who are dear to you or change your mind and go discover our villas near Ramatuelle, a village that has nothing to envy to Saint-Tropez except its reputation. In any case, we are sure that you will spend exceptional vacations in the French Riviera.

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