Our art of living

Since 1989, Villas Prestige & Services has embodied its art of living and hospitality, never stiff and formal but free, imaginative and full of joy!

The delight of inventing new surroundings for you, arranging the flowers, tastes and adventures, never ceasing to surprise you and making each stay a radiant and an ephemeral homage to the art of living.


“When time stops, it becomes a place.”

Chawki Abdelamir




A thirst for discovery, a passion for collecting, the joy of
learning and the need to share are the elements
that make up Anne-Claire.

Her natural sense of hospitality is combined with a
generosity and elegance that counter any notion of
ostentatiousness, focusing instead on luxury and comfort.

HER ART : Getting to know you

HER MOTTO : Imagination and enjoyment rule!






The first outlines of a holiday are sketched in the
concierge notebook. Trained in excellence with over
20 years’ experience in luxury hospitality, Sophie
knows her job backwards.

HER ART : Anticipating your needs, responding to your resquests
at a moment’s notice, surprising you

HER MOTTO : « I like to be the right personn in the wrong
place and the wrong person in the right place»
Andy Warhol




Executive assistant


An indispensable employee for 10 years, Delphine
knows every customer, every partner, every detail.

Her acute sense of meticulous organisation give her
perfect knowledge of every aspect.


HER ART : Leaving nothing to chance, examining and assessing
each piece of information, always wiht good humour.

HER MOTTO : My work is a game, a very serious game !




Communication manager


Challenge, temerity, a welcoming nature and a smile
every day. Blessed with limitless energy and passionate
curiosity, we can’t imagine our communication without her.


HER ART : Analysing trends

HER MOTTO : Breathe !



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