When is the best time to go on holiday in Saint-Tropez?

1 Jun 2022 | Art of living

The reputation of Saint-Tropez is well established. This mythical town attracts hundreds of visitors every year. This is why some people hesitate to visit this often crowded city. Fortunately, there are certain periods when you can enjoy the city and its various activities in peace and quiet.

Early autumn

The months of September and October are perfect for discovering the Tropezian city. The influx of tourists in July and August comes to an abrupt halt and the town immediately becomes more pleasant to explore. Indeed, the beach of Pampelone or the port, for example, are usually crowded during the whole summer, preventing you from enjoying it completely. From September onwards, the crowds drop off dramatically, allowing you to explore the town at your leisure. Another advantage of the autumn period is the climate. The city offers milder temperatures, making it possible to go outside for the whole day without fear of a heat wave. Rainy days may occur, but the days are generally sunny. The water is of course a little cooler than in July and August, but that won’t deter the brave. Other activities are also available, such as sailing or pedal boats. Everyone can thus fully enjoy the azure waters of Saint-Tropez.

This is also the time to enjoy a famous event in the Côte d’Azur region: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez! This magnificent nautical competition takes place every year at the end of September. A joyful regatta that brings together all the most beautiful sailboats from around the world!

The fact that there are fewer tourists also means that there is plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation. You can find affordable villas throughout the region. Whether you prefer country houses in the countryside or villas along the coast, you can easily find what you are looking for.


Just like autumn, spring is a particularly good season for tourism in Saint-Tropez. The mornings and evenings are cool enough to dine on the terrace of one of the many restaurants in the town. In April and May, many water sports and activities open their doors. This is a good opportunity for sportsmen to let off steam without fear of sunstroke. Temperatures are usually between 15 and 30°C, which is pleasant enough for a walk, especially in the city center.

The fact that the city is less busy in spring also means that you can enjoy the activities without queuing. The famous Musée de la Gendarmerie, for example, is very difficult to visit in summer. What’s more, it’s easier to visit the villages surrounding Saint-Tropez, as the traffic is much more fluid. Spring thus combines the advantages of summer without the disadvantages!

Although it has a reputation for being a summer town, Saint-Tropez has many treasures to discover all year round. The off-season is particularly interesting for those who are looking for a quiet place to relax.

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