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Does your stay in Saint-Tropez require the assistance of a butler 7 days a week?
Our butler teams are here to anticipate your needs and desires. They are the link with the chef, the housekeepers and any other person involved. They organise and enhance your holiday with utmost discretion. VPS works with top professionals in the hotel industry, men and women trained to excellence and with a perfect knowledge of their role, whose tasks can be very varied. They will be able to accompany and assist you in all your requirements during your stay on the Côte d’Azur (travel, advice, reservations, various orders, events, etc.)

Hiring a private butler in Saint-Tropez

Hiring a private butler for your vacation in Saint-Tropez is a great way to ensure peace of mind. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service by allowing them to hire a butler who will fulfill their needs and desires. Our staff is experienced in housekeeping, personal services, and unparalleled discretion and organization.

Why should I use a butler during my stay in Saint-Tropez ?

A butler can fill a variety of roles and our staff is trained to meet many expectations. For your vacation, the butler is your first point of contact and will welcome you and your guests to Saint-Tropez. In addition, when organizing events, the butler is responsible for guiding the guests and making sure they feel comfortable.
Our butlers are trained in the different table services (flat on the table, plate service, French and English service, cloche plate service, etc.) in order to be able to host family meals as well as formal dinners.
They will perfectly assist the housekeepers in order to ensure the smooth running of their work and the respect of the various orders received. In fact, our butlers are experts in domestic chores, but we strongly encourage you to hire a housekeeper so that the butler can perform the other tasks required of him.
Our employees are also trained to assist you in all your daily tasks and are fully available to engage in various conversations while maintaining a high level of discretion.
Our butlers have many other skills and using their services will make your vacation more peaceful, convenient and safe.

What other concierge services in Saint-Tropez can I expect ?

We offer several services to ensure that you have the most enjoyable stay. In addition to a butler, we can provide you with:
- A housekeeper: under the supervision of the butler, the housekeeper is highly qualified and ensures the comfort of the house.
- A housekeeper: a true ally of the butler, the housekeeper is meticulous in her work and makes sure the house is well kept.
- A private chef: vacations are synonymous with rest and time for oneself. That's why we provide private chefs and catering services that offer exceptional cuisine.
- Tailor-made babysitting services, but also dogsitting for your four-legged friends: The nannies we offer for the care of your children are experienced professionals who can be available at your convenience throughout your stay. As for your pets, they are also welcome and can be looked after by our petsitters during your various activities.