Villas in Ramatuelle

At Villas Prestige & Services, holidays are above all a break, a homecoming, reunion with loved ones or with oneself and to make the most of it, we recommend Ramatuelle, far from the clichés.

Ramatuelle is the perfect union between nature and old stones, the village bell tower which rings every hour, the market every Sunday, the famous Ramatuelle festival in August.

It is also the terrace of “Café de l’Ormeau”, the restaurant of “La Forge” to feast the taste buds and the most beautiful sandy beaches on the coast !

1 to 4 bedrooms

5 to 6 bedrooms

7 bedrooms and more

Rental of a villa in Ramatuelle

At Villas Prestige & Services, vacations are above all a break, a return to the roots and a reunion with loved ones or with oneself. It is the time to change your daily life, to leave behind your problems and to take full advantage of the sun, the sea and nature around. That is why, to offer you the best stays, we propose the rental of a villa in Ramatuelle, a paradisiacal village offering both the advantages of the seaside and those of the inland.

Rental of a villa in Ramatuelle to discover a dreamy destination

Ramatuelle is the perfect union between nature, old stones, and comfort. The village stretches from the coast to the inland to offer the best of both worlds to those who come to stay. The picturesque atmosphere of the village will make you travel more than you thought and will make it easier for you to forget the daily stress. The rental of a villa in Ramatuelle means no more worries, only rest.

The village of Ramatuelle
We have not chosen Ramatuelle randomly as one of the two places where we offer you to relax. A relaxing area with a huge sunny beach, but also a traditional village, there is everything you need to offer you the best possible vacation. The village bell tower that rings every hour, the market every Sunday, the unmissable Ramatuelle festival in August, everything is planned to take you away from your everyday worries and allow you to think about something else. With the rental of your villa in Ramatuelle, here is what you can also discover:

  • On the seaside, the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean coast, you can discover great beaches and secret creeks. The beach of Pampelonne, in particular, is an immense beach of fine sand under a brilliant sun, which will not disappoint you, should you go here instead of one of the numerous little creeks for more privacy.
  • On the village side, you will find all the local shops that welcome those who, like you, have been looking for rest for years. The Ormeau terrace for morning coffee and the La Forge restaurant to treat your taste buds are just a few examples. Let the spiral architecture of the village take you and discover these old stones of medieval origin, explore the village square and its hundred-year-old olive tree, the church, the alleys, and other testimonies of the age of the place!
  • Finally, in terms of nature, you will be able to explore and discover the vineyards of Ramatuelle on more than 750 hectares, but also sumptuous landscapes on one of the many walking routes available on site. Enough to keep you busy during the whole duration of the rental of your villa in Ramatuelle!

Villa rental in Ramatuelle: adapt your rental to the size of the group

At Villas Prestige & Services, we do tailor-made rentals of villas in Ramatuelle. This means that we suggest you, in order to better determine your needs, to start by choosing the number of rooms you will need in your rental.

Are you coming alone, as a couple, with your children or with few people? You can be interested in villas with between one and four bedrooms. You are accompanied, and will need more rooms in order to accommodate everyone? You may be interested in the five to six bedroom villas. Finally, for larger groups, villas with seven or more rooms are available: invite your family, friends and more!

Assistance throughout your reservation

Choosing the rental of a villa in Ramatuelle also means choosing to be accompanied throughout your vacation to ensure that everything is in perfect order. If you have any concern, if you wish to ask us a question or even a request, you can contact us on our agency’s phone number, and we will make sure to answer your request as best we can.

Villas Prestige & Services: book your villa now

If you are convinced and wish for the rental of a villa in Ramatuelle, nothing could be easier, you just have to follow our steps. Contact us by phone at 04 94 97 30 78, or by mail if you prefer that way at the address info@villa-prestige-service.com. We will make sure to answer as soon as possible in order to improve the experience of your dream vacation!

If you are not sure about Ramatuelle, then take the time to visit our homepage to discover our other dream destination: the famous city of Saint-Tropez, its sun and beaches, Sainte-Maxime and its unique seaside atmosphere, Gigaro and its heavenly beaches. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for, and rest assured that we will do everything in our power to facilitate the rental of your villa in Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez and its surroundings.

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