A visit from Miss Maggie’s Kitchen  

12 Jul 2023 | Art of receiving, Home & Living

Last year, we met @missmaggieskitchen during her stay at Villa The Spot. A Mediterranean waterfront villa. This year, Héloïse and her family stayed at Le Hameau aux Pieds des Vignes.

A visit to the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

When you think of Saint-Tropez, you immediately imagine the lively port, the beaches and the festive evenings.  But our passion for finding exceptional homes offers us different atmospheres, places surrounded by nature. And for all the Green Lovers, that’s what holidays in Saint-Tropez are all about: being in a calm, green, authentic environment, where every comfort is available for your serenity. A rare and privileged location. At Villas Prestige & Services, we love this definition of luxury. 

So the bucolic atmosphere of the Hameau, surrounded by vineyards, where nothing is more soothing than the natural surroundings, seemed an ideal place for this Lovely Family to create unique memories for a short stay.

Wide open spaces, a heated swimming pool, three houses on the property, a pétanque court, a heliport, a meticulous decoration… the setting is there. Le Hameau aux Pieds des Vignes is perfect!
And between tailor-made activities for adults and children, Miss Maggie’s magic works around the table to take your senses on a journey.  

Miss Maggie’s table: an Art of living

There are one or two things that VPS has in common with Héloïse: the Art of Receiving and the values of sharing and conviviality. 

We express it by taking care to welcome our guests into our homes, and by paying attention to every detail so that everyone feels honoured. For Héloïse, it’s at the table that this notion takes on its full meaning. By combining tasty recipes with table decoration. An art she has mastered to perfection.

She mixes styles, gives free rein to her creativity and is inspired by the mood of the moment. 

So, when we knew she was coming to visit us – and because we know how these moments around the table are unique moments of conviviality – we put at her disposal the colourful tableware with an Italian atmosphere from Studio Riviera.

On the face of it, the bucolic atmosphere of Le Hameau doesn’t go well with this colourful, psychedelic ceramics. But we didn’t count on our artistic spirit, our bobo-chic soul and our desire for unique and sophisticated atmospheres!

And Miss Maggie was able to have just as much fun as we imagined, setting tables that were as delicate as they were Mediterranean.

A relaxing and rejuvenating break 

Sailing activities for the children, a lunch and sunbeds at La Brigantine, a picnic in the vineyards at Domaine Fondugues Pradugues, bike rides… The initial programme was full.   

And then, between a few moments of relaxation and a bit of rain (oops! it happens a few days a year!), finally, the stay was organised differently.

And according to Héloïse, it was in the hands of Marina, our private home masseuse, that the relaxation reached its peak!   

What a lovely family ! We can’t wait for our next holiday memories!  
In the meantime, discover Héloïse’s world on her Instagram account @missmaggieskitchen. 

Photo credits : Christophe Roué, @christophe_roue

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